Kubernetes offers a lot of convenient features like autoscaling, self-monitoring, automatic rollouts, and many more. However, creating a good Kubernetes setup is not easy, and it should be done by, or at least supervised by, a certified Kubernetes partner like us. 

If one of our listed offerings below piques your interest, then just give us a call! We even offer the first small audit or architecture draft free of charge. 

Certified Kubernetes service provider

We have proven to the Cloud Native Cloud Foundation that we have many Kubernetes experts in our teams and are therefore proud to be of the few Kubernetes Certified Service Providers in Germany.

Architecture & Implementation

A good Kubernetes architecture is crucial for the success of your project, since mistakes in the architecture will cost your business a lot of money. We have extensive experience in drafting, supervising, and implementing Kubernetes architectures for the health sector, telecommunication, and energy companies. Every project we been responsible for has had its own specific challenges, be it handling petabytes of data, running dozens of microservices, or serving millions of customers. Every project we have been responsible for has also been successful.



To keep your Kubernetes cluster secure, you will need proper Kubernetes services and configuration. Misconfigurations can do a lot more damage than many customers would expect. We can help you avoid security issues and make your Kubernetes setup more secure.


Kubernetes Conformant Microservices

Autoscaling, high availability and self-monitoring do not work out of the box for every application. Your services should be cloud-native and ready to run on Kubernetes; otherwise, you would not be able to make use of most of the core features of Kubernetes. We can help you either get your applications cloud-ready or develop new services which are already cloud-native. The most significant benefit for our customers is that they do not start from zero but can reuse tools and best practices learned from our previous projects.


Rollouts & GitOps

Companies dream of releasing new features and bug fixes during business hours. We can make this dream come true with Kubernetes, our special knowledge and our experience. Previous experience tells us that interruption-free rollouts are both possible and work very well.  Your users will not even notice the change. To accomplish this though, you will need the tricks of the Kubernetes and GitOps trade, which iits will be happy to provide. We can make your releases so easy that you could even deploy with a Virtual Assistant like Amazon Alexa.


Would you like to learn more about Kubernetes or maybe educate your current infrastructure team? We are ready to share our knowledge with you. Give us a call, and we will find out which education approach suits your team best, together. For example, iits can teach your application developers how to build a Kubernetes-ready application, as well as how to use essential Kubernetes features.


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